An electric kettle is high advantage for both the households and the travellers. It is a great advantage for boiling water and for preparing beverages. Unlike the conventional way of boiling water or liquid, the electric kettle gives you various advantages and also gives a safe option to the boiling point. There are 2 options of boiling system which are low pressure and high pressure which faces its own pros and cons. This problem is put off when it comes to electric kettle. It reduces the risk of over boiling where it has the cut off where it senses the temperature and automatically puts it down. In a way it is economical on fuel and also best to use for making beverages. Lloytron, the UK brand offers variety of products and small appliance in which it ensures high quality, better design which is competitive in the market. Lloytron E1101WH 360 Rapid Boil Cordless Kettle is one among its many kettles which comes in unique style. In the following review one can be sure of understanding the kettle which helps them to settle with the best.


This model has a stunning design in white housing. Half of which is white which the handle and the front half which has the spout has a transparent finish. It is made with the high grade plastic which ensure durability. The overall design is stylish and to make it more clearly it works on cordless basis. Lloytron E1101WH 360 Rapid Boil White Colour Kettle has the base which is attracted to the mains to the cord and the jug can be detached to serve. If one desires to boil water for different purpose is at hand’s reach and can be obtained at the in seconds.

Capacity and Power:

As the model name suggests it gives a rapid boil with its high power heating element. This model gives the capacity of 1.0 litre which can make up about 4 to 5 cups. It is perfect for the family use and can also be supportive during resorting and other outdoor gatherings.

Cordless – This model comes in the cordless style and the base can be rotated 360 degrees. The rotation of the base allows you to fix the jug and remove it in any angle which out much thought over it.

Heating Element – Available in this model is the concealed heating element which is embedded in the base and hence it gives a cool touch of the jug. The heating element is well protected without the water entry and can work for years efficiently.

The Lid – It is for the full size and it comes with the safety locking system. This ensures utmost safety and eliminates the fear of accidental opening.

Spout – The spout is large and it does have a water filter. It is also shaped being spill proof. The filter also helps when used for beverages and gives an easy cleaning option.

Special Features:

  • Easy grip handle is definitely a plus point which is right in size and the thickness of the handle. It protects highly from slipping down even when used with the damp and moist hands.
  • Automatic shut off and the boil dry protection is the safety feature which ensures to protect the liquid from over boiling. When the temperature reaches the set level it automatically stops functioning and the power is shut off. It protects from boiling dry as well as when it senses the moisture level dropping down it comes to the close of functioning.
  • Large water window and the indicator light are supportive features as with the large window the water level can be identified even at a distance and can be attended based on the requirement. The indicator denotes the functioning of the appliance and when it comes to the automatic shut off the indicator light is put off instantly.

Overall, Lloytron E1101WH 360 Automatic Kettle is a nice one for the domestic use and it stands competitive in design and functions.

Lloytron E1101WH Kettle – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Lloytron
Model Name E1101WH 360 Rapid Boil Cordless Kettle
Kettle style Cordless
Finish White or Black
Spout Spill proof and large
Capacity 1  Litre
Style Jug shape
Weight Less than 1 kg
Filter Yes
Power on light Yes
Reel Yes
Lid with release button
Water level indicator Yes
Heating element Concealed
Safety features Safety locking lid
Easy grip handle
Automatic shut off
Concealed heating element
Boil dry protection
Special features Water filter
Easy view large water window
360 degree base
Indicator light
Power base Yes
Cordless Yes
Cord storage Yes