Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle Review

Side view of the Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle.
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Read our review of the Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle. It delivers style and functionality. Packed with features expected from modern electric kettles. Its traditional design with pyramid shape and 3D textured effect clinch the deal. Perfect for classic and modern kitchens.
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Volume1.5 Litres
ColourBlack / White / Red / Cream
360 Degree BaseYes
Boil Dry ProtectionYes
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Our Review

The Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle is a pyramid shaped textured kettle. Its appearance is traditional and may remind you of kettles from the 1970s. Feature wise the kettle is very much modern, with rapid boiling, a 360 degree base, boil dry protection, etc. It will undoubtedly suit both classic and modern kitchens.

Side view of the Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle.

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One aspect of the design that's particularly appealing is the 3D textured pattern. This combined with the high gloss finish really bring the design together. Another design choice we like is how the handle is above the kettle rather than attached to the side.

There are four colour schemes available - black (pictured), white, cream and red. In our opinion black looks the best, but this will of course depend on your kitchen.

About Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards are a famous brand of electrical appliances. Trading since the 1930s they've built an excellent reputation for functional and innovative products. As well as kettles, the brand is also found on toasters, bread makers, sandwich toasters and even hair dryers.

Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle's water gauge.


Let's look at the features in more depth:

  • Capacity - 1.5 Litres, approximately 6 cups. Perfect when entertaining guests, or making the hot drinks for a family gathering.
  • Dimensions - 23.2cm x 21.5cm x 28.1cm.
  • Rapid Boil - The 3kW element gives the kettle the ability to rapidly boil water.
  • Limescale Filter - Inside the spout is a limescale filter. It will prevent limescale and other large pieces from entering your drink. It's removable and washable so it can be rinsed under a tap as and when needed.
  • Water Window - A water window is on the side of the kettle. It marks 2 cups, 4 cups and the 1.5L maximum. One advantage of a pyramid shaped kettle is the gauge is much easier to read as it's on a slant.
  • Easy Open Lid - The lid simply lifts off, allowing for easy cleaning and filling. There's a ring on top of the lid to make lifting easy.
  • 360 Degree Base - The kettle has a 360 degree base which is suitable for left and right handed people.
  • Cord Storage - Underneath the base is room to store excess wire.
  • Boil Dry Protection - The kettle is protected against boiling with no water in. If this happens then it will switch itself off as soon as the problem is detected.
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Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle's limescale filter.

Matching Toaster

There's a matching toaster (also by Morphy Richards) which follows the same style as the kettle. Perfect for if you're thinking of a complete redesign. The pair are pictured together below:

Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle with a matching toaster.


On there's a short video demonstrating the Vector Pyramid Kettle.


After taking all of the above into account, we rate the Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle 4.5 out of 5 stars. It's packed with features. From the useful rapid boil, to the easy open lid, to the 360 degree base, the kettle delivers. The traditional design with 3D textured pattern seals the deal in our eyes. We recommend this kettle for both modern and classic kitchen set ups.

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