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Russell Hobbs 18943 Colours Kettle Review

on 12th June 2016
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The Russell Hobbs 18943 Colours Kettle is a rapid boil large capacity kettle with a water gauge, a 360 degree base and a removable filter. It is available in a wide range of colours, namely cream, red, jet black, royal blue and storm grey. In this review I will use pictures of the cream version so that it will be easier for you to see the different components on the kettle.

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The Russell Hobbs 18943 kettle is designed to be aesthetically suitable for both traditional and modern kitchens. Remember that some colours will only be suitable for certain kitchens so you should carefully consider whether a particular colour will match your kitchen.

The kettle in question is from Russell Hobbs, the well known home appliance manufacturer known for their innovation, quality and style. As well as kettles, they also make toasters, irons, blenders and food steamers.


A quick overview of the kettle is as follows:

1. Materials: Stainless Steel, Plastic
2. Colour: Cream, Red, Jet Black, Royal Blue and Storm Grey
3. Weight: 1.4 kilograms
4. Dimensions: 16.0cm x 24.5cm x 22.2cm
5. Capacity: 1.7 litres
6. Wattage: 3000 watts
7. Cordless Kettle: Yes.

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As for more technical features, the kettle has the following:

1. Rapid Boil. The kettle has rapid boil technology meaning that the water is brought to the boil as quickly as possible to reduce unnecessary waiting time.

2. 360 Degree Base. The kettle has what is known as a 360 degree base. This essentially allows you to put the kettle on the base facing any direction. Whilst this feature is pretty simple, it does remove the frustration of having to align the kettle on its base each time.

3. Automatic Shut-off. The kettle, as with most modern kettles, will automatically turn itself off once the water has reached the right temperature. This removes the need for you to judge whether the water is actually boiling or not.

4. Boil Dry Protection. The kettle also has boil dry protection. This means that if there is too little water in the kettle then the kettle will simply not boil it. It will instead automatically turn itself off.

5. Water Level Indicator. The kettle features an external water level indicator. It is located behind the handle and has various quantities of water marked on it.

6. Concealed Heating Element. The heating element is concealed. Most modern kettles have this feature. It has the advantage of the heating element not becoming caked in limescale as well as making the inside of the kettle easier to clean.

7. Water Filter. The kettle has a water filter which helps reduce limescale (or any other unwanted objects).

8. Push Button Release Lid. For convenience the kettle has a button which, when pressed, opens the lid. This is done to allow for easy filling.

Durability and Maintenance

As far as I can see there is nothing to suggest that any of the components are particularly weak or at risk of breaking off. Maintenance required is minimal. The inside and outside of the kettle can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Using limescale removing products should be absolutely fine.


The Russell Hobbs 18943 is well designed as is very similar to other kettles made by Russell Hobbs. As mentioned above the kettle is available in cream, red, jet black, royal blue and storm grey so you have a lot of choice in that respect. It will, assuming you choose an appropriate colour, look good in both traditional and modern kitchens.


To summarise, the Russell Hobbs 18943 Colours Kettle is a rapid boil, large capacity kettle with several additional features. It is easy to maintain, available in a wide range of colours and suitable for both traditional and modern kitchens.

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