Russell Hobbs 23906 Oslo Kettle Review

Side view of the Russell Hobbs 23906 Oslo Kettle.
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Read our review of the Russell Hobbs 23906 Oslo Kettle. Featuring a sleek blue traditional design, this kettle is packed with modern features, including a 360 degree base and an easy pour spout. It's also fast boiling. A perfect addition to the kitchen.
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Volume1.5 Litres
ColourHeavenly Blue
360 Degree BaseYes
Boil Dry ProtectionYes
Heating ElementConcealed
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Our Review

The Russell Hobbs 23906 Oslo Kettle is a traditional style stainless steel kettle with modern features. With a capacity of 1.5 litres (around about 6 cups), the Oslo Kettle will not disappoint. Available in light blue (referred to as heavenly blue), the Oslo Kettle will suit most kitchens. It also exhibits the standard features expected in a modern kettle, for example, fast boiling, a concealed heating element and easy refilling.

Side view of the Russell Hobbs 23906 Oslo Kettle.

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The Oslo Kettle is by Russell Hobbs. They've been selling kettles and other kitchenware since the 1950s. They're a household name in England, and are known for their high quality products. They're most certainly a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Russell Hobbs 23906 Oslo Kettle on display in a kitchen.


The specification is as follows:

  • Capacity - 1.5 Litres (around 6 cups).
  • Colour / Finish - The colour is described as "heavenly blue". It's essentially a light blue / turquoise colour. The exterior is made from stainless steel, giving it a smart and professional finish.
  • Blue Indicator Light - While the kettle is boiling, the power switch lights up in blue.
  • 360 Degree Base - The kettle is cordless, and as such comes with a base. The base is 360 degrees, meaning the kettle can be placed down on it at any angle. This is convenient as you do not have to line it up with any grooves, and can therefore just place the kettle down on it.
  • Fast Boiling - The kettle has 3000W power, allowing it to boil in a timely manner.
  • Removable Lid - The kettle has a removable lid to allow for easy filling.
  • Easy Pour Spout - The easy pour spout reduces the chance of spillages.
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Energy Saving

The kettle has a water gauge, allowing you to fill it with the exact amount of water required, therefore saving you money on your electricity bill. It's pictured below:

Russell Hobbs 23906 Oslo Kettle's handle and power switch.

Matching Toaster

Russell Hobbs also sell a matching toaster, as seen below:

Russell Hobbs 23906 Oslo Kettle with a matching toaster.

It may be worth considering buying the two together if you're redesigning your kitchen.


Overall, the Oslo Kettle is a solid choice, particularly if you're after a traditional looking kettle, but want the convenience of modern features. The compact shape is one of our favourite parts of it, as it's ideal for small, cosy kitchens. We rate this kettle a positive 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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