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Main view of the Russell Hobbs Adventure Kettle.
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Read our review of the Russell Hobbs Adventure Kettle. A high capacity, sleek and stylish kettle with black plastic details. Features rapid boil technology, an energy saving design, a fine mesh filter and a 360 degree base.
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Volume1.7 Litres
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The Russell Hobbs Adventure Kettle is a modern, practical and well designed kettle. It's a rapid boil appliance, boiling one cup of water (235ml) in only 45 seconds. It's energy saving also, achieving a 66% energy saving when boiling one cup of water compared to 1 litre. The Adventure Kettle is available in two finishes - Polished and Brushed. Both of these have black plastic accents. There's also a 2-slice and 4-slice matching toaster available.

Main view of the Russell Hobbs Adventure Kettle.

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The Adventure Kettle is designed to be convenient to use. It has a "perfect pour spout" which directs the flow of water in such a way to reduce splashing and spilling. There's also a removable and washable fine mesh filter behind the spout which is designed to catch particles of limescale. The lift-off lid facilitates easy refilling.

About Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs are a brand of household appliances. They've been around since the 1950s, and have developed a reputation for high quality and durable products. Their range includes kettles, toasters, irons, coffee machines, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and much more.

Russell Hobbs Adventure Kettle's fine mesh filter.


We now look at the features in more detail:

  • Capacity - The capacity of the kettle is 1.7 litres. This serves around 7 cups.
  • Design - The kettle has an open handle and a lift-off lid. Lift-off lids are more durable than their hinged counterparts.
  • Rapid Boil / Energy Saving - The kettle features a rapid boil 3000W heating element which boils one cup of water (235ml) in 45 seconds. Approximately 66% of energy is saved when boiling one cup of water compared to 1 litre. There are rapid boil zone markers inside the kettle to help you measure out accurate amounts of water.
  • Perfect Pour Spout - The spout is designed to cause water to flow into cups without spilling or splashing, therefore keeping your worktops dry.
  • Filter - There's a limescale filter which sits behind the spout. It's fine mesh in order to catch tiny particles of limescale. It can be removed and rinsed under a tap.
  • 360 Degree Base - The kettle has a 360 degree swivel base. The kettle can therefore be placed down on it facing any direction. This is convenient for both left and right handers. The underside of the base has room to store excess electrical cable.
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Russell Hobbs Adventure Kettle's rapid boil zone.

Matching Toasters

There are matching 2-slice and 4-slice toasters, known as Adventure Toasters.


There's a video of the brushed edition of the Adventure Kettle on


In summary, the Russell Hobbs Adventure Kettle is a sleek and stylish kettle with modern and practical features. It has a large 1.7 litre capacity, a rapid boil heating element, an energy saving design, a perfect pour spout to reduce splashing/spilling, a fine mesh limescale filter and a convenient 360 degree base. We rate the Russell Hobbs Adventure Kettle 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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