Swan Nordic Jug Kettle Review

Main view of the Swan Nordic Jug Kettle.
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Read our review of the Swan Nordic Jug Kettle. A beautiful kettle designed to bring a touch of Scandinavia to your kitchen. With a matt finish, and contemporary matt finish, this kettle is there to impress. And to top everything off, it's packed with modern features. Perfect for the home, office and catering.
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Volume1.7 Litres
ColoursGreen / Blue / Grey / White
360 Degree BaseYes
Boil Dry ProtectionYes
Heating ElementConcealed
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Our Review

The Swan Nordic Jug Kettle is a Scandinavian style kettle with a beautiful matt finish and a stylish wood effect handle. Available in blue, green (pictured), grey and white, the Nordic Jug Kettle will add a flair to your kitchen. As well as its unique design, it also has the usual standard features modern day kettles have, including being able to rapidly boil water, a convenient see-through water gauge, an illuminating power switch and the standard safety features.

Main view of the Swan Nordic Jug Kettle.

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The kettle is designed to be sturdy and durable. The main body is made from stainless steel, which most people prefer rather than plastic.

About Swan

Swan is a hallmark of the kitchen appliance industry. Selling kettles for around 100 years, they have established themselves as a reputable and reliable brand. They also sell toasters, microwaves, slow cookers and more.

Side view of the Swan Nordic Jug Kettle.


A quick overview of the Nordic Kettle is as follows:

  • Capacity - 1.7 Litres, or 8 cups. Perfect for families, offices, catering, etc. Its capacity is suitable for cooking rice, pasta, noodles, etc.
  • Dimensions - 26.67cm x 21.59cm x 18.8cm.
  • Rapid Boil - The 3kW concealed heating element allows the kettle to boil rapidly.
  • Water Gauge - To allow for accurate filling, there's a water gauge underneath the handle. It marks 4 cups, 6 cups and 8 cups.
  • Handle - The handle has a wood effect. It's rubberised to give an extra level of safety.
  • 360 Degree Base - The kettle can sit at any angle on its 360 degree (circular) base. This feature is particularly handy for kettles frequently used by a mixture of left and right handed people.
  • Cordless - The kettle has no cord. The only electrical cord is the one which supplies power to the base.
  • LED On/Off Switch - When switched on, a blue LED lights up on the power switch, indicating that the kettle is boiling.
  • Automatic Switch Off - When up to temperature, the power switch will flick off and the kettle will stop boiling.
  • Boil Dry Protection - If the water were to be boiled away, the kettle will shut itself off to prevent damage.
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Limescale Filter

There's a removable and washable limescale filter situated behind the spout. It's essential if you live in an area with hard water (i.e. most of England for example). It will help improve the look and taste of your drinks.

Swan Nordic Jug Kettle's water filter.

Matching Toaster and Microwave

Swan also sell a toaster and microwave designed in the same style as the kettle. The three of them are pictured below:

Swan Nordic Jug Kettle with matching toaster and microwave.


Overall, the Nordic Jug Kettle is a strong product. It certainly has a unique look to it, with its slim body and wood effect angled handle. The design is completed by the elegant matt finish. And to top it off, it comes with a whole host of features such as a large capacity, rapid boiling, etc. Overall, we give this kettle 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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