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Main view of the Swan Symphony Kettle.
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Read our review of the Swan Symphony Kettle. Features a compact design with a textured, ribbon style exterior. It comes with a 3kW heating element for rapid boiling, a large capacity, an external water gauge and boil dry protection. Suitable for homes and office kitchens.
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Volume1.7 Litres
ColoursBlack / White / Grey
360 Degree BaseYes
Boil Dry ProtectionYes
Heating ElementConcealed
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Our Review

The Swan Symphony Kettle is a compact and functional kettle, with emphasis on style. Featuring the likes of a 360 degree base, a water filter, a decent 3kW of power, the Symphony Kettle is a solid choice for the modern or classic kitchen. We particularly like the cone shape of the kettle as it makes a change from the usual cylindrical design.

Main view of the Swan Symphony Kettle.

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The kettle's available in three colours, namely white, grey (pictured) and black. The lid lifts off completely, as opposed to being on a hinge. This allows for easy cleaning. The handle is circular, and since the kettle is short, pouring is easy.

About Swan

At the time of writing, the Swan brand has been around for almost 100 years. They're a well known brand, and are renowned for their high quality products. Definitely a sound brand to go with. They also sell toasters, irons and more.


We will now take a more thorough look at the kettle:

  • Capacity - 1.7 Litres, or around 6 cups. This is standard for the majority of modern kettles.
  • Dimensions - 22.1cm x 17.4cm x 24.7cm.
  • Rapid Boil - The heating element has 3kW of power which it uses to fast boil.
  • External Water Gauge - The water gauge marks 4 cups, 6 cups, 7 cups and 8 cups. This allows you to fill the kettle with the exact amount of water you require, therefore saving energy and reducing wait time.
  • Illuminated On/Off Switch - The power switch will light up during the boiling process.
  • Easy Pour Spout - The spout is designed so that dripping and splashing is minimal. It achieves this by concentrating the flow of water.
  • 360 Degree Base - The kettle is cordless, and therefore uses a 360 degree base to boil. This base is convenient as the kettle can be placed at any angle on it, making it suitable for left and right handed people.
  • Concealed Heating Element - The heating element is concealed, i.e. it can't be seen by looking under the lid. This means the inside can easily be cleaned.
  • Boil Dry Protection - For safety, when there's no water inside the kettle, it will switch itself off to prevent damage.
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Water Filter

The water filter is designed to reduce limescale from entering your drink, therefore making it look and taste better. It's removable so it can easily be taken out and rinsed under a tap when needed.

Swan Symphony Kettle's water filter.

Matching Toaster

There's also a matching toaster on, which has the same style as the kettle:

Swan Symphony Kettle with a matching toaster.


On, there's a video of the Swan Symphony Kettle which shows off its features.


All things considered, the Swan Symphony Kettle holds its own. Its unique textured ribbon design make it suitable for classic and modern kitchens. Its features are numerous and most of the features expected in modern kettles are present and accounted for. Together with the matching toaster, the design will be complete. We rate the Symphony Kettle 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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