Tower Cavaletto Kettle Review

Side view of the Tower Cavaletto Kettle.
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Read our review of the Tower Cavaletto Kettle. Blends style and functionality. A beautiful pyramid design and classic details available in four colour schemes. The Cavaletto Kettle will boil your water quickly and efficiently. Perfect for the modern or classic home.
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Volume1.7 Litres
ColoursBlack / Grey & Rose Gold / Marshmallow Pink / Midnight Blue
Automatic Shut OffYes
Boil Dry ProtectionYes
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Our Review

The Tower Cavaletto Kettle is a practical and stylish pyramid shaped kettle. With a contemporary design, the pyramid kettle is there to impress. Its style is almost vintage, particularly with the vertical handle. The kettle is made from coloured stainless steel, with rose gold accents on the handle, water gauge, power switch and around the bottom of the kettle.

Side view of the Tower Cavaletto Kettle.

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There are four colours schemes available. These are Black, Grey & Rose Gold, Marshmallow Pink and Midnight Blue. Our particular favourite is midnight blue (pictured), but each of them pull off the colour scheme well. The wide range means there's bound to be at least one which will match your kitchen set up.

Tower Cavaletto Kettle with a matching toaster.

About Tower

Tower are a long lived brand of small kitchen appliance. They've been around for over 100 years and have built quite the reputation. You will also find the Tower brand on toasters, microwaves, pressure cookers and more. Also, a lot of the time there are appliances with the same design, e.g. a matching kettle and toaster, to complete the look of the kitchen.


In terms of features, the Cavaletto Kettle has the following:

  • Capacity - 1.7 Litres, which is about 7 cups.
  • Dimensions - 21.1cm x 23.4cm x 29.1cm.
  • Rapid Boil - The kettle boils water quickly.
  • Detachable Filter - There's a filter before the spout inside the kettle. This filter is detachable so it can be removed and rinsed under a tap. Such a filter is essential in most of the UK as there's high mineral content in tap water that will cause limescale.
  • Blue Indicator Light - So as to indicate that the kettle is boiling, the on/off switch will illuminate blue.
  • Boil Dry Protection - The heating element will turn off if there's no water inside of the kettle because it either evaporated, or had no water to begin with. This is a basic safety feature.
  • Automatic Switch Off - Once up to temperature, the kettle will turn off.
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Pull Up Lid

The lid conveniently lifts straight off in order to facilitate easy filling and allow for easy cleaning. One of the advantages of a lift off lid over a hinged lid is durability.

Tower Cavaletto Kettle's lift off lid.

Water Gauge

The Cavaletto Kettle has a handy water gauge running down its side. It marks the 0.8L minimum, 1.25L and the 1.7L maximum. The pyramid design helps make the water gauge easy to read as it's at a slant. The water gauge is pictured below:

Tower Cavaletto Kettle's water level indicator.

Matching Storage Cannisters and Toaster

There are sugar/coffee/tea storage cannisters and a toaster which have the same design as the Cavaletto Kettle. These are also available on


Overall, the Tower Cavaletto Kettle is a well designed and functional kettle. Its beautiful colour schemes, particularly the midnight blue (pictured), enhance the feel of the kettle. The pyramid shape is fairly uncommon in kettles, but it definitely adds to the design. This kettle would suit modern and classic kitchens. We give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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