Wahl one of the reputed brand for years have its specialisation in many segments. Their compact appliance segment includes a range of electric kettle each of which are unique with the sense of style and elegance. The designing and the technology is impressive while Wahl ZX643 Stainless Steel Kettle also serves as a travel kettle. Getting to know more about this product is possible in this review.

Physical Characteristics:

The prime importance of any appliance is based on the structural design and this model comes in the jug style. It has stainless steel housing with the combination of black colour. The finish is polished giving it a great look. The heating element is concealed which helps in easy maintenance. The base has the consists of the heating element and Wahl ZX643 0.5 litre Capacity Travel Kettle does have an indicator light which intimates the functioning of the kettle.

Capacity and Power:

This model can accommodate the liquid of capacity 0.5 litres and since it is specialised to give fast heat it is best for the travel purpose. The kettle has the power of 1000 Watts which is highly powerful and heats up quickly.

Product Features:

  • Insulated handle which is made of high grade plastic gives the cool grip. It helps to easily access even just after the heating up of the kettle.
  • Stylish stainless steel finish makes it a decor style and the glossy finish adds to the value. It is one design that easily blends with interiors of the kitchen.
  • Automatic switch on/off is a safety feature which once reached the set temperature it automatically switches off and in case it is left idle and the temperature falls it restarts automatically to maintain the set temperature.
  • Boil dry cut out stops the flow of the current when it senses the dryness. This safeguards the appliance from the unexpected accidents.
  • Universal voltage of 100 to 240 volts makes it accepted worldwide and it also helps the same when used in travel.
  • Flip top lid which is attached to the jug avoids the tensions in the misplacement and it also gives the sufficient opening for the filling of the liquid.
  • Neon indicator works effectively to denote the functioning of the kettle and once the power flow stops it automatically stops illuminating.

Accessories and Guarantee:

Specially offered are 2 attractive cups which suits well for travel. The guarantee offered by the manufacturer for Wahl ZX643 Compact Jug Kettle is for 2 years which gives extra peace in the minds of users.

Wahl ZX643 Kettle – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Wahl
Model Name ZX643 Stainless Steel 1000W Travel Kettle
Finish Black with stainless steel
Size Compact
Power 1000 Watts
Type Jug Style, Corded
Capacity 0.5  Litre
Indicator Yes
Heating element Concealed
Reel Yes
Control system On/off rocker
Features Insulated handle
Stylish stainless steel finish
Automatic switch on/off
Boil dry cut out
Universal voltage
Concealed heating element
Flip top lid
Neon indicator
Cord storage
Accessories 2 travel cups
Guarantee 2 years