Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle Review

Main view of the Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle.
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Read our review of the Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle. A premium kettle designed to stand out and make a statement. It features a large glass water window, a soft blue illumination, a stylish "invisible spout", a ring lid and an open handle. A perfect kettle for a modern kitchen.
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Volume1.5 Litres
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Our Review

The Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle is an elegantly designed illuminating glass kettle with toughened Duran Schott glass and an invisible spout design. It also has an ergonomically designed handle which provides a comfortable grip. In addition, the lid has a stylish ring on it, so the lid can be easily lifted off. The Redefine Kettle is on the premium end of the scale, and the design is certainly up to par.

Main view of the Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle.

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One design element which we find particularly appealing is the open handle. Not only does it shift the centre of gravity high up to facilitate easier pouring, the angle of it (slightly slanted outwards) also aides the pouring process.

Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle boiling.

From a feature perspective, the Redefine Kettle is loaded. There's a large 1.5 litre capacity, a fine mesh limescale filter, a no hassle removable lid, and a rather interesting "invisible spout" design. More on these features later.

About Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards are a well known and highly respected brand of small kitchen appliances. They have been around since the 1930s and mostly trade in the UK and Australia. Their current product range is huge. The range includes toasters, slow cookers, microwaves, coffee machines, kitchen roll holders and salt & pepper milling sets.

Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle's glass body.


Let's take a look at the specification:

  • Capacity - 1.5 Litres. This works out to about 6 cups. Suitable for most family sizes.
  • Dimensions - 21.8cm x 17.0cm x 29.3cm.
  • Duran Schott Glass - The glass body is made from Duran Schott glass. This glass is known for being particularly strong and durable.
  • Limescale Filter - There's a limescale filter inside the spout which reduces the issue of limescale entering your cup. As a result, your drink will look and taste better. It's perfect for areas in the UK with hard water, i.e. almost everywhere.
  • Illumination - When boiling, the interior lights up in a calming blue colour.
  • Water Gauge - There's writing on the glass which marks the water level for 2 cups, 4 cups and the 1.5 litre maximum.
  • Removable Lid - As can be seen from the images, the kettle's lid can be removed by simply lifting the ring. Having a detachable lid has two main benefits. First of all the kettle is easy to fill. Secondly, you can ensure that you can perform a thorough clean.
  • Invisible Spout - Interestingly, this kettle has no spout as such. Instead it has a slit built into the top. It's quite clever actually, and works really well.
  • Cord Storage - The base can store any excess cable, so your worktop need not be cluttered with excess electrical cable.
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Video of the Kettle and Matching Toaster

There's also a Morphy Richards matching toaster. Also sporting a glass exterior, you can watch as your toast begins to brown. There's a video of the pair on

Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle with a matching toaster.


All in all, the Redefine Kettle is up to the standard expected from premium kettles. Its functionality is fairly standard, but its design is where the kettle really excels. The whole pyramid shaped glass exterior together with the so called invisible spout really do complete the design. We give the kettle 4 out of 5 stars.

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