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Side view of the Haden Guildford Glass Kettle.
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Read our review of the Haden Guildford Glass Kettle. A beautiful kettle with a large glass water window and relaxing blue illumination. Features rapid boiling, a robust limescale filter, a convenient 360 degree base and more. It's also BPA free. A perfect gift and an excellent addition to the kitchen.
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Volume1.7 Litres
ColourStainless Steel & Glass
360 Degree BaseYes
Boil Dry ProtectionYes
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The Haden Guildford Glass Kettle is a modern electric kettle with a dazzlingly clear glass water window and an overall beautiful design. The kettle is functional to the modern standard, having features such a rapid boiling, a concealed heating element, and a blue LED illumination. Above and below the glass window is brushed stainless steel, which fits in well together with the glass and black plastic handle. As a bonus, the kettle is BPA free.

Side view of the Haden Guildford Glass Kettle.

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In terms of style, the kettle suits both modern and traditional kitchens. This is due to the glass and also its compact shape. The large capacity makes the kettle ideal for large families, gatherings of friends, and staff rooms.

About Haden

Haden, originally a maker of bicycles and then motorbikes, have been around for over 100 years. They now deal with mostly kitchen appliances and accessories, including toasters, kettles, microwaves, milling sets, cannisters, bowl mixers, coffee machines, and more. They're renowned for their quality, durable and stylish products.

Haden Guildford Glass Kettle's push button flip lid.


We now go into more detail:

  • Capacity - 1.7 Litres, or around 6-8 cups.
  • Dimensions - 15.6cm x 22.0cm x 23.6cm.
  • Fast Boil - Concealed under the kettle's floor is a powerful 3kW electric heating element. When switched on, this heating element will boil water rapidly.
  • Filter - There's a removable and washable filter just inside the spout. It can easily be removed and washed under a tap as and when limescale builds up.
  • Strix Thermostat - The kettle uses a Strix thermostat. Strix thermostats are known for their reliability and long lasting life.
  • Illumination - When boiling, a ring underneath the glass lights up blue as well as the power switch. The blue light is via LEDs which are very robust.
  • Flip Lid - The lid is hinged and is controlled by a button on top of the handle.
  • BPA Free - The kettle is entirely BPA free, therefore putting to rest any concerns about chemicals being leached from the plastic.
  • Automatic Shut Off - When up to temperature, the kettle will automatically stop boiling the water.
  • Boil Dry Protection - If the water boils away completely, the heating element will switch off to stop damage to the kettle.
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Water Window

The glass water window is huge. It spans almost the entire circumference of the kettle, the only exception being where the handle is attached. It also has a water gauge on the glass, marking 0.5L (minimum), 1.0L, 1.5L and 1.7L (maximum).

Haden Guildford Glass Kettle's boiling illumination.

360 Degree Base

The operational base is of the 360 degree variety. Simply place the kettle down at any angle to achieve a quick and easy boil. Perfect for left and right handers as the base doesn't need to be moved to accommodate individual needs.

Haden Guildford Glass Kettle's 360 degree base.

Matching Toasters and Microwave

Haden offer a range of toasters and microwaves which have been designed to match the Guildford Glass Kettle in terms of style.


With the above in mind, the Haden Guildford Glass Kettle certainly achieves its purpose. Its functional design and elegant style make it the perfect addition to the kitchen. The large glass water window combined with the blue LED illumination bring the design together. The rapid boiling, modern 360 degree base, reusable limescale filter, BPA free construction and numerous safety features are the icing on the cake. We rate the Haden Guildford Kettle 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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