Kettle Plastic Taste Removal

When you first use your new plastic kettle, you may notice a faint taste of plastic in the boiled water. It certainly isn't great, especially when you've spent time and effort in researching the best kettle, and also forked out your hard earned cash. Luckily you have a few options to remove the plastic taste.

Kettle Water Tastes Like Plastic

1. Water. Most kettle manufacturers recommend boiling the kettle before use. They say that you should initially fill the kettle to the top with tap water, boil it up, empty it out completely and rinse it out. This will get rid of any loose plastic particles on the inside. It's cheap and easy too.

2. Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda). If after having boiled just plain water your plastic kettle still has a plastic taste, then you can try the bicarbonate of soda method. Simply fill your kettle to the top with water once again, but this time add two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda beforehand. This method is by far the most popular and the most effective.

3. Salt Water. As a last resort you can try the salt water method. Fill your kettle to the top with water, add a few teaspoons of salt, boil it up, empty it completely and rinse it. If this fails then you should try the method again a few times. Another option may be to leave the salt water in the kettle for a few days and then empty it out and rinse it.


Hopefully these methods have removed, or at least substantially reduced, your new kettle's plastic taste problem. One final thing I will point out is that not every plastic kettle gives the water it boils a plastic taste. It does happen, particularly with cheap kettles, but it's not a universal problem.

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