Russell Hobbs 21270 Textures Plastic Kettle Review

Side view of the Russell Hobbs 21270 Textures Plastic Kettle.
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Read our review of the Russell Hobbs 21270 Textures Plastic Kettle. A rapid boil, perfect pour, plastic kettle combining style and quality. Boils 1 cup (235ml) of water in 45 seconds. A perfect addition to the home or office. Also available with a matching 2 slice or 4 slice toaster.
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Volume1.7 Litres
ColourWhite / Black / Grey
Heating ElementConcealed
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The Russell Hobbs 21270 Textures Plastic Kettle is a stylish and functional kettle. With a glossy finish and matt accents, the kettle has a premium feel to it. Combined with a whole host of features, such as a rapid boil zone, large energy savings, a perfect pour spout, and its large capacity, this kettle is ideal for the modern kitchen.

Side view of the Russell Hobbs 21270 Textures Plastic Kettle.

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The Textures Kettle is from Russell Hobbs. Their reputation is strong, due to their top tier household appliances. These range from kettles and toasters to irons and space heaters. With the Textures Kettle, they've certainly reinforced this reputation.


The Textures Kettle is available in three colours, namely White, Grey and Black. Each of these have the glossy finish and matt accents.


Some of the features are as follows:

  • Capacity - 1.7 Litres (or around 6 cups). Standard for the majority of Russell Hobbs kettles. It can boil a minimum of one cup.
  • Dimensions - 21.0cm x 15.8cm x 23.8cm.
  • Colours - White / Black / Grey.
  • Dual Water Windows - There are water windows on both sides of the kettle. This is perfect if the kettle is going to be used by both left handed and right handed people as regardless of whether the kettle is facing left or right, you will be able to see how much water is inside.
  • Energy Class Rating - A.
  • Energy Efficiency - Saves up to 70% energy when boiling 1 cup (235ml) as opposed to 1 litre.
  • Easy to Clean - The concealed heating element makes the interior easy to clean and de-scale.
  • Integrated Cord Storage - The base has integrated cord storage, if needed.
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Water Filter

As with almost all modern kettles, there's a filter in the spout. This filter is designed to prevent limescale and other large pieces of unwanted material from entering the cup. The filter is removable, washable and reusable.

Russell Hobbs 21270 Textures Plastic Kettle's limescale filter.

Rapid Boil Zone

There are 1/2/3 cup markers on the inside of the kettle, as pictured below. These help you measure out the exact amount of water you need, so the water boils quicker, saving energy in the process.

Russell Hobbs 21270 Textures Plastic Kettle's rapid boil cup markers.

Ideal Pour Spout

The spout is designed so that when the kettle is poured, dribbles, splashes and spillages are reduced. This will keep your worktops dry and clean.

Russell Hobbs 21270 Textures Plastic Kettle's perfect pour spout.

Matching Toaster Bundle

There are two toasters which match the kettle's design - a 2 slice toaster and a 4 slice toaster. The kettle with the 2 slice toaster is pictured below:

Russell Hobbs 21270 Textures Plastic Kettle and matching toaster.

Box Contents

When ordered, the kettle will arrive together with an instruction booklet in a box similar to the below:

Russell Hobbs 21270 Textures Plastic Kettle finished product.


Overall, the Russell Hobbs Textures Kettle achieve its purpose both in terms of style and functionality. Its rapid boil zone, energy efficiency, ideal pour spout and water filter means it stands up to scrutiny. And on top of all this, it comes in three colours, allowing you to find the perfect match for your kitchen.

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